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The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

As required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (the “Act”), we must provide client’s with a notice of Bright Financial Advisors, Inc. (“BFA”) privacy policies and practices every twelve months.

We at Bright Financial Advisors value your trust and confidence and carefully handle the nonpublic personal information we process.

The Act and Privacy Rule have no effect on the way we do business. We will never sell our Clients’ nonpublic personal information to any other person or entity. We will only share information when you have directed us to do so verbally, or with a written authorization or by application to facilitate a financial service offered through our firm or where we may be required to provide information by law regulation.

Our internal procedure for handling your personal information remains unaffected buy the new Privacy Rule. Bright Financial Advisors continues to restrict access to its records to only those persons who have a need to obtain information in order to deliver advisory or administrative services. This includes and only includes the staff and personnel of BFA, and those whom clients have instructed us to inform (ex: Accountants). BFA has specific security practices and procedures in place to ensure that client information is kept confidential. At Bright Financial Advisors we utilize password protection on all computers. Outside of normal office hours, client files are locked and secured.

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